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Group Sessions

We now offer SGPT (Small Group Personal Training) sessions! Discover the perfect blend of personalized coaching and group motivation with our Small Group Personal Training. These sessions are maximum 4 people.


We also offer HYROX classes! Designed for all fitness levels, these classes combine functional strength training, high-intensity cardio, and endurance exercises to prepare you for the ultimate fitness challenge. These sessions are maximum 8 people.

To book yourself on for one of our group sessions, please see the timetable and how to book below!

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5 Benefits of Group Training

1. Personalized Attention: Enjoy individualized coaching and feedback within a small group setting, ensuring that you perform exercises correctly and safely while working towards your specific fitness goals.

2. Cost-Effective: Small group training offers the benefits of personal training at a more affordable rate. You get quality instruction and support without the higher cost of one-on-one sessions.

3. Enhanced Performance: The combination of personalized guidance and group motivation can push you to achieve more than you might on your own, leading to better fitness outcomes and improved performance.

4. Adaptable for All Levels: Trainers can modify exercises to suit different fitness levels within the group, making it inclusive and beneficial for everyone, from beginners to advanced fitness enthusiasts.

5. Social Interaction: Small group training fosters a supportive and social environment. Building relationships with fellow participants can make workouts more enjoyable and help you stay motivated.


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